Pain Along the Inside of the Ankle and Arch

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, we see a lot of patients experiencing pain on the inside of the foot and/or ankle.  This pain could have come on suddenly with an injury or started slowly and not gotten better.  The pain is worse with activity and probably gets a little better with rest.  The pain may also be improved with an anti-inflammatory.   This can be an issue for kids as well as adults.

Most of the time, this pain is caused by inflammation of a tendon that courses down the inside of your leg, behind the ankle and inserts into the arch.  This tendon is called the Posterior Tibial Tendon.  This tendon is essential to help create your arch.  Due to the anatomy and location of the tendon, it is stretched and worked with every step you take.  Without a known injury, this tendon is usually inflamed due to your foot structure.    Therefore, if the biomechanics of your feet are not addressed, the pain may never completely resolve. 

To ensure proper diagnosis of this condition, one of our providers will perform a thorough lower extremity physical exam and obtain information about your symptoms.  X-rays are taken to evaluate the bony anatomy near the tendon as well.  Once the diagnosis is made, treatment will begin that is tailored to allow for a quick recovery with the goal to stay pain free in the future.

If you have a question about this or any other foot/ankle condition.  Please call us for an appointment.