Special Offer for a 2nd Pair of Custom Orthotics!
If you currently own a pair of custom molded orthotics prescribed by us, you can now purchase a second pair for a discounted price of $200! *
Having a second pair of custom orthotics is a great option for:
  • A thinner, narrower orthotic that can fit easier into dress shoes, cleats, ice skates, golf shoes, etc.
  • Kids always have their orthotics in their athletic shoes.
  • Convenience of not having to constantly switch your orthotics between shoes.   
Steps to taking advantage of this special promotion:
  1. Call our office at 972-542-2155, press 0.
  2. Mention the email you received.
  3. Our staff will take it from there.
Promotion ends August 31, 2017, so call now to get your second pair!
As always, we take pride in being your first choice for your foot and ankle needs.  If you have any other questions or concerns please give us a call.  
Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day.
Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Team
*Some restrictions may apply