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Spira Footwear for Men and Women

For years, athletic and comfort shoe engineers have been trying to create a buffer between the foot and road. Spira engineers have developed a solution – an energy return system that works with the ground by sending expended energy back to the wearer. It is called WaveSpring technology and it is found in every pair of Spira athletic and walking shoes.  Most athletic shoes rely on compressive foams, air and viscous gel materials to cushion the feet.  While these materials may initially provide a sense of comfort, they quickly break down. The WaveSpring is mechanical and will not break down and therefore will not lose its extraordinary feel over time. In fact, the springs will most likely outlast the shoe.

WaveSpring returns energy with every step. Energy that is otherwise lost to the ground is recycled to the wearer, providing a remarkable combination of cushioning and energy return. Spira makes it easier to stand, walk, run and compete without the stress associated with traditional shoe midsole materials.

WaveSpring technology is laterally stable, lightweight and compact. Nobody can tell there is spring technology inside the shoe, except you. It has the appearance of a traditional shoe, but that’s wear the similarities end.

Spira: Science and Footwear are now “One”.

Men’s Spira Footwear More Styles and Colors Available at The Foot Store

Women’s Spira Footwear Mores Styles and Colors Available at The Foot Store


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