Why do I have a dark spot on my nail?

We have lots of patients that come in to our office because they have recently noticed discoloration to one or more toenails.  Unfortunately, there are many potential causes for this including fungus, trauma, local irritation, vitamin disorders, dermatology issues such as psoriasis or even skin cancer.  


Evaluation starts with a thorough history and physical. After this, our providers may want additional information to determine the best treatment plan.  This could range from ordering further testing such as an Xray or bloodwork. We may also take a sample of the nail which is just a clipping  and send it for analysis. We may recommend a biopsy of the skin beneath or just next to the nail. Once a diagnosis is made, treatment will be tailored to your specific condition, lifestyle and medical history.  


As you can see, discoloration to your nail could be caused by a wide variety of conditions so it is important to be evaluated to ensure a correct diagnosis. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, we have experience dealing with this issue and are here to help you.  If you have questions about this or any other foot/ankle condition, please call our office at 972-542-2155.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Dr. Witt