Why Are My Toes Curling?

You may be suffering from hammertoes. A hammertoe is a structural deformity in your toes caused by an imbalance of the tendons that start in your leg and end at the tips of the toe.  This causes one tendon to pull harder than the opposite tendon. If the tendon that attaches on the bottom of the toe is pulling harder than the top, the knuckle joint in the toe will buckle and cause the tip to point down and contract the middle of the toe.  Now the bone at the tip of the toe is hitting the floor or shoe directly without the natural fat pad protecting it.  This can cause pain, calluses and even wounds at the tips of the toes.  There can also be friction at the top of the knuckle bone on the toe with shoes because now it is more prominent.  Again, this can cause pain, calluses and wounds if left untreated. 

Diagnosing a hammertoe is usually made by a thorough physical exam.  An X-ray may be obtained as well to rule out any other bony problems that could have caused the new alignment of the toe.  Treatment for this issue begins conservatively and we can show your how to reduce pressure at the prominent areas.  Sometimes conservative options are not enough, and you may need a procedure to help straighten the toe.  This could be either in the office or a surgery center depending on the severity of the deformity. 

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center we have helped hundreds of patients with this condition and we can help you as well.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more information on this or any other foot/ankle condition, please call us at 972-542-2155.