Signs That You May Have an Ingrown Toenail Infection
By Advanced Foot and Ankle Center
June 08, 2020
Category: Foot Conditions

Know when it’s time to get professional medical care for an ingrown toenail.

An ingrown toenail is most likely to affect the big toe, leading to redness and pain around the nail. The problem occurs when the edge of the nail grows into the skin of the toe. While ingrown toenails will often go away on their own, there are times when they may require professional treatment. Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in McKinney and Prosper, TX, your podiatrists recommend looking out for these warning signs of an infected toenail:

  • Redness and swelling of the toe
  • Tender and/or warm to the touch
  • Pus under or around the nail
  • Oozing or bleeding
  • Throbbing pain
  • Odor
  • Fever
  • Intense pressure under and around the affected toenail

Dealing with any of these symptoms? If so, it’s time to call one of our offices in either McKinney or Prosper, TX, right away to let us know that you’re dealing with an ingrown toenail infection. It’s particularly important that patients with diabetes, nerve damage in their feet, and peripheral artery disease seek immediate treatment if they suspect that they may have an infected toenail.

Think you have an ingrown toenail infection? You may be dealing with one if:

  • You cut your toenails too short
  • You round the edges of your nails when trimming them
  • You cut the cuticles
  • You soak your feet often
  • You wear shoes that are too tight or put pressure on the toes
  • You also have a fungal infection

It’s important that you know how to properly trim your toenails. If you get your toes professional trimmed and manicured by a local spa or nail salon, make sure that they are sterilizing all of their tools and equipment and practicing proper trimming technique. If you have diabetes, you should turn to a qualified medical professional for regular toenail trimming and foot care.

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ingrown toenail infection, it’s important that you call us for an appointment. Advanced Foot and Ankle Center has two convenient locations in McKinney and Prosper, TX. Call us at (972) 542-2155.