My Pediatrician said he would outgrow this

The fact is that many foot and ankle issues that manifest in childhood will NOT be "out grown." 

Treating your child's foot condition now is the best way to ensure the best possible outcome and can prevent the need for surgery later on in life. Conditions like Intoeing or Out toeing for example or even Bunions and tight heel cords. 

Simple things like an accurate diagnosis and a few visits to a physical therapist, home exercises, a night brace, a change in shoe choice or even an insert in their shoes can make a big impact now and stop conditions from setting in. 

Any of the following symptoms warrants evaluation:

-child seems "lazy"

-has a bouncy gait,

-tippy toe walks a lot after age 2

-toes are pointing in

-feet are slapping the floor when running

-crouching down excessively when running

-if they seem slower compared to other children their age

-complain of foot/ankle/knee/hip pain

-is asking to be picked up a lot

-if toes seem turned in or out

"Like your mother told you: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"


Dr. Melissa Sgro

Advanced Foot and Ankle