Importance of Diabetic Foot Checks

Regular foot evaluations are extremely important for diabetics.  This is because prevention is the key to avoiding complications to the feet and ankles that can be caused by diabetes.  Diabetes affects the nerves and the circulation to your feet.  Because of this, it is very important to monitor your feet and ensure that there are now new issues arising.  When you see us for diabetic foot checks there are three main categories that we are evaluating: circulation, sensation and skin problems. The pulses to the feet and the nerves are evaluated and documented in your chart.  Each has their own grading system and this ensures that no changes are occuring between your visits.  We also check and make sure there are no open lesions or prominent areas to the feet that could cause an open sore.  Things like bunions, hammertoes, bone spurs, dry skin, cracked web spaces, blisters, corns and calluses can all lead to ulcers to the feet.  If you have nerve and/or circulation problems because of your diabetes, this could lead to serious issues including infection and possible amputation.  Your physical exam findings will determine your return visit increments.  This also allows you to be established with our practice and same day appointments are available for any new or concerning problems.  Again, prevention is the key.   The Providers at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center all have extensive training related to diabetic issues with the foot and ankle.  Please give us a call at 972-542-2155 for an appointment.