Diabetes and Foot Wounds
September 08, 2017
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Diabetic foot wounds can be a very serious issue.  This is because diabetes can affect the eyes, nerves and circulation to your feet.  Diabetics might not know they have a cut, blister or other problem because they may not feel the pain from the wound and may not be able to see it because it is on the bottom of the foot, in-between the toes or their eye sight isn’t very good.  If you’re circulation is no longer adequate, than the body cannot heal itself at a normal pace.  

The longer these wounds are open, the higher chance you have of bacteria entering and causing an infection.   If these wounds aren’t taken care of, the infection can then spread deeper.  These infections can eventually develop into the bone.  If the bone becomes infected, than usually the only treatment is to cut the dead, infected bone out which means an amputation.   This is why it is very important that diabetics do not walk barefoot and they check their feet every day.  If you cannot see the bottom of your feet, you need to put a hand mirror on the ground to inspect the feet.  If you live with someone, they can check your feet and in-between your toes as well. 

If you think anything looks suspicious or out of the ordinary, it is very important that you have it check out to ensure you receive treatment if needed.  Because of all this, it is important that diabetics are seen by a Podiatrist to evaluate your feet on a regular basis and document your circulation, sensation and foot structure each time to make sure nothing is changing which can prevent these problems.   The Doctors at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center have extensive training in dealing with these issues.  If you would like to have a diabetic foot check or be seen for any other foot/ankle condition, please call our office at 972-542-2155