January 27, 2021
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Covid is not the only thing that can cause Chilblains-like rash and symptoms on your hands and feet. Winter is a cause on its own. If you develop a rash on your toes please come in to be evaluated. If you have redness or swelling or pain this should also be evaluated right away. There are many things that can cause it; allergies, athletes foot, chilblains, Raynaud’s, insect bites.

The best course of treatment is prevention and early treatment. Keep your feet clean, wash well between your toes and DRY WELL between your toes. If peeling please use a gentle moisturizer that you have tolerated well in the past. Protect your toes and feet from the cold with thick socks that are changed frequently and appropriate shoe gear. It is NOT sandal season! Avoid extremes of temperature- hot soaks or cold floors/ temperatures without shoes. 

There are various treatments depending on the condition, lifestyle/environmental changes, topical treatments, oral and oral treatments. 



Dr. Melissa Sgro

Advanced Foot & Ankle