Emollients / Skin Rehydrators

Idonia Cream Natural Herbal Body Cream

Idonia is a natural foot and leg cream made with pure essential herbs and oils for high quality standards. Tested by an independent lab to certify purity. Has a pleasingly mild frangrance.

Calicylic Crème, Exfoliating Crème     

Aids in the exfoliation and softening of dry, scaly or calloused skin.

Lantiseptic Skin Protectant

A rich, emollient ointment intended to protect the skin, promote the healing of skin injuries, and serve as a first aid treatment. Excellent treatment in the care of pressure sores (I,II). Effective Skin protectant for cracked or reddened skin, burns (not intended as primary burn therapy) and other skin injuries. Excellent in the treatment of cracked, fissured, dry heels/calluses. For extra dry feet try applying Lantiseptic at night, wrapping your feet with Saran Wrap to help the medication work under occlusion providing maximum moisture to the skin.Lantiseptic contains 50% lanolin, which, with beeswax and petrolatum, produces a fine emulsion of outstanding tenacity. Please note since Lantiseptic contains 50% lanolin the cream smells like lanolin. It is not a perfumed ointment.

Buffing Pad

The Healthy Feet Buffing Pad is a product that, when used with Idonia, Calacylic or Lantiseptic, provides excellent relief for dry, callused skin and cracked heels. It is used on the skin while moist and helps to break down the excessive dead skin that causes calluses and cracked skin. The results can be seen quickly and continued use provides excellent relief from embarrassing dry, callused and cracked skin.

Sleep N Heel Sleep-N-Heel

Heel Sleeves provide soothing relief to rough or cracked heels my moisturizing dry skin overnight while you rest.     

  • Effective and reusable for up to 40 treatments
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex free
  • Mineral oil free 
  • Dermatologist tested


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