Bunions/Hammertoes/Heel Pain/Splints

Bunion SplintBunion Splint

The bunion splint was designed as a non-surgical alternative to relieve bunion pain. Bunions are caused by a partial dislocation of the joint, leading to cartilage wear and arthritis. The bunion splint helps to straighten the toe, relocating the joint to help allow smooth motion of the joint surfaces, which can help relieve the pain.

When worn regularly the bunion splint can help reduce the inflammation that leads to bunion pain and can help prevent worsening of arthritis.

  • Made of soft material that is washable and reusable.
  • Very sleek for wear in nearly every kind of shoe.
  • A great alternative to surgery.
  • Can help reduce the wear and tear of the joint that leads to arthritis.

Night SplintNight Splint

The night splint is a device that helps aid in the healing of plantar fasciitis heel pain. It works by keeping the foot stretched out at night, which helps reduce the morning pain that is a hallmark of plantar fasciitis. When combined with other therapies, such as orthotics, stretching and anti-inflammatory medicines, the night splint can aid in speeding the healing of the plantar fascia and get you back to pain free activity.

The night splint is made of durable and comfortable materials for easy application and wear. It is not designed to walk on, however. When used correctly the night splint helps in speeding recovery.

  • Made of high quality materials the night splint will outlast your plantar fasciitis
  • Washable and reusable
  • Helps stretch the foot all night while you sleep for improved pain relief in the morning and throughout the day

Toe StraigtherToe Straigther

The toe straightener splint is designed to help relieve painful hammertoes. It works by placing the toe in a more ideal position, allowing it to bear weight correctly which reduces the abnormal stresses that lead to pain.

  • A great alternative to surgery
  • Made of durable, washable materials
  • Light weight and sleek for wear in nearly every kind of shoe
  • Inexpensive alternative to other devices

Toe SepratorToe Seprator

The toe separator is a device used to aid in the pain caused by bunions and hammertoes when they overlap. Made of soft and durable silicone, the toe separator is a comfortable alternative to surgery. When worn correctly it can help to straighten bunions, helping to reduce the abnormal function that leads to painful arthritis.

  • Made of durable, light weight and soft materials for maximum comfort and life span
  • Washable and reusable
  • Very sleek-can be worn in nearly every kind of shoe


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