Why Do I Get These Calluses?

Calluses on the feet are a very common problem we see at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center.   Sometimes these calluses do not cause issues and are an incidental finding during an exam for another foot complaint.  Sometimes these calluses can hurt so bad it causes a patient to limp into the office.  Either way, it is important to have them evaluated to ensure there is no underlying problem.  A callus is a localized thickening of skin cells.  They are most likely due to pressure or friction or irritation.  As you imagine, your feet take on a lot of pressure during daily activities.  Other causes of calluses include warts, clogged sweat glands, bony prominences, residual foreign body, altered foot structure, bone spurs, dry skin or even some types of skin cancer. 

Because there are many reasons to develop a callus, it is a good idea to find out why the callus is there to try to prevent It from recurring and to rule out serious underlying issues.  This is especially important with our diabetic patients.  Having a callus for a very long time at a bony prominence usually causes pain.  Some diabetics do not feel their feet well and they do not know that there is a problem because they cannot see it.  The callus can then become very hard and thick and cause a wound to develop underneath the callus.  This can be very dangerous for these patients because infection can set in and they are at risk of amputation. 

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, we see calluses from one cause or another daily and we can help improve your symptoms and reduce recurrence.  If you would like to be evaluated for this or any other foot/ankle condition.  Please call us at 972-542-2155.