What is a heel spur?
August 16, 2017
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Heel Spurs:

Heel spurs are extra growth of bone on either the bottom or back of the heel that develops over an extended period of time from excessive pull of a tendon or Ligament.  Heel spurs on the bottom of the heel are usually developed from prolonged plantar fasciitis.  Heel spurs on the back of the heel are usually developed from too tight of an achilles tendon.   Unlike back of the heel pain, the spur on the bottom of the heel is usually not painful.  It is the inflammation of the plantar fascia that is painful.  Once the inflammation of the ligament resolves, the bottom of the heel no longer hurts even though the spur remains. 

Spurs on the back of the heel can be painful because the growth develops within the Achilles tendon. The tendon itself can become inflamed, swollen and painful with pressure, especially against the heel portion of a shoe.  Treatment for these spurs also begins with trying to decrease the inflammation of the tendon.  This involves NSAIDS, physical therapy, K laser, walking boots.  If there is still pain after these conservative treatments, the spur is sometimes removed surgically to prevent irritation and re-inflammation of the Achilles tendon. 

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