Webbed Toes (Syndactyly)

Having toes that are joined together is a condition called Syndactyly.  This condition sometimes is call webbed toes or webbed feet and is a genetic condition that occurs at birth in 1 of every 2,500 births.  The toes are joined side by side typically only with the skin or other soft tissue but may have underlying bone attachments as well.  Syndactyly is usually not painful and does not effects someone’s ability to walk or run however; may prevent them from wearing certain shoes comfortably and may cause some to be self-conscious about how their feet look. 


Surgery can be performed to separate the toes to improve both function of the foot and cosmetic outcome which is typically covered by insurance.  There surgery is performed at a surgery center and the patient goes home to recuperate.  The procedure is very intricate requiring rotational skin flaps as well as at times harvesting and applying skin grafts to cover the areas which are void of skin during the separation.  In our hands we have seen great success with cosmetic outcomes. 


If you or your child has webbed toes and would like to discuss options please call and make an appointment with one of our trained foot and ankle specialists Dr. Silvers, Dr. Lloyd or Dr. Witt.  Call 972-542-2155 for an appointment today.


Before showing webbed 2nd and 3rd toes:
















7 Weeks Post Procedure with seperation of 2nd and

3rd toes with use of free skin graft: