Weak Ankles

Weak ankles- are they really "weak". Weak ankles may be a result of previous ankle injuries, but in some cases they are a congenital (at birth) condition. The ankles can be sore, and “give way” or buckle easily while standing, walking, or doing other activities. This can lead to increased risk for injury not only to your ankles but to the rest of your body. 

When an ankle is injured, it may take a few weeks to many months to fully heal. Ankle sprains should be treated appropriately; If an ankle sprain is not often, the injured ankle remains weaker and less stable than the uninjured one. Proprioception can be affected when an ankle sprain is not treated well early on. Proprioception is what helps you determine where a specific part of your body is in relation to the rest of your body without seeing or looking at that part.  When people say that they feel their ankles are going to, “give out”, it is possibly because they have poor proprioception. 

It is possible if you have sprained your ankle that you have also sustained a fracture. A foot and ankle surgeon can assess ankle stability and may obtain medical imaging studies to evaluate the ankle for a fracture or any further damage.  

Treatment for weak ankles, ankle sprains or fractures usually includes bracing and the clasic R.I.C.E.- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Physical therapy is a valuable option during a calculated point your recovery from you ankle injury; whether you need surgery or not as it will help improve your range of motion, strength and proprioception. Surgery may be recommended for a severe or chronic condition depending on the degree of instability and the response to non-surgical approaches. 

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