Vinegar-- Will this Cure My Fungal Nails?

An Adult toenail takes 6 months to a year to fully grow out. Soaking your feet a few times in Vinegar and water will likely not yield the results you may be looking for. With that said it can be a helpful part of your treatment plan. 

There are many ways to treat nail fungus with varying degrees of success. If using only topical medications you have to be diligent about putting them on in the prescribed manor. You also have to prevent reinfection from your shoes and enviornment. 

There are also oral medications and laser treatments that can help get rid of your nail fungus. On occasion nails that look fungal may actually not be fungal-it can be another condition entirely. Its important that you treat your nail fungus as it can lead to ingrown nails and recurring skin infections. 

See your Podiatrist at Advanced Foot and Ankle to discuss appropriate treatment. 


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