Toe Fracture
January 29, 2018
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All of us have stubbed or dropped something on our toe at one time or another. It is very painful! Most of the time the pain resolves quickly and we don’t even notice it after a few minutes. But what about other times where the pain lingers for days or even weeks? Did you have a cut or bleeding after the injury? You may have fractured your toe or even worse suffered an open fracture!

Toes are anatomically similar to fingers but smaller and shorter. The great toe consists of 2 small bones while toes 2-5 consist of 3 small bones called phalanges. The toes aid in balance while standing and as a lever arm during the push off phase of gait.

Signs and symptoms of a toe fracture include swelling, pain, and bruising of the toe. If the toe is angulated or curled differently than before, the fracture may be displaced or dislocated. If you have bleeding from a cut or laceration, you have have a specific injury called an open toe fracture. Open fractures occur when a fracture site is exposed by a cut. These injuries are even more serious and require immediate medical attention to decrease the chance of a deep bone infection which can lead to amputation.

At your visit, your foot and ankle specialist will perform a thorough history and physical exam. X-rays to assess the injury/fracture may be ordered. A post op shoe or pneumatic cam boot may be ordered to immobilize the injury. If the fracture is displaced and needs correction, a fracture reduction may be performed in the office. If surgery is needed, we operate at several local surgery centers and hospitals.

If you or a family member suffer a toe injury, make an appointment with Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in Mckinney and Prosper TX! Our convenient hours and locations allow us to better serve you. Most of the time we are able to get patients in the same day!
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