Thick, Abnormal Toenails Without Fungus

If you have thick, discolored, brittle, unsightly nails it might not mean you have a nail fungus.  The abnormal appearance of your nails could also be from damage to the nail cells.  The nail cells are located in the skin just past the cuticle.  The nail cells can be damaged from obvious injuries or repetitive micro trauma to the nail cells.  This can occur with everyday activities in poor fitting shoes.   If your toenail constantly hits the shoes as you walk, the nails may grow out differently.   To determine if your nails are fungal or traumatically altered, a sample can be obtained and microscopically evaluated for fungal spores.  If there is no fungus found, there are treatment options to help the nail appear more natural and less thick.  If you have thickened toenails or any other foot/ankle conditions, please call our office at 972-542-2155 to be evaluated.