The Importance of Caring for Your Feet Daily
March 30, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Your feet take you everywhere, but they can endure a lot of stress in the process. The impact of daily activities like walking and climbing stairs exposes your feet to constant pressure. Even standing for long periods at a time puts added stress on your feet. For everything your feet go through in a day, it is important to care for them. Caring for your feet daily will help keep them healthy, as well as prevent potential foot problems. Regular exams from your expert podiatrists Dr. Eric Silvers, Dr. Dustin Lloyd and Dr. Christopher Witt at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, in McKinney and Prosper, TX, can also keep your feet healthy.

Ways to Care for Your Feet

An important step to caring for your feet daily is wearing comfortable shoes that are the right fit. Good fitting shoes should provide adequate support for your feet without hurting them. Avoid wearing footwear that feels too tight or hurts your feet when worn. Additionally, flat footwear styles, such as flip flops and flats, might feel comfortable but provide little to no support for your arches. These styles should be avoided. Your McKinney or Prosper podiatrist can assess your feet and recommend the best types of footwear for you.

Other steps you can take to care for your feet daily include keeping the skin and toenails clean and dry. Doing so can help prevent athlete’s foot and other similar conditions. Keep the feet and nails clean by washing them daily. Be sure to dry them completely afterward so that the skin is no longer damp. For skin that tends to be dry, apply a moisturizer to the feet after washing and drying them. The toenails should also be trimmed regularly. Longer nails attract more dirt and germs. When trimming the nails, clip or cut them straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.

Another way to care for your feet is to keep the blood flowing. After sitting or standing for long periods of time, make a point to move the ankles and wiggle the toes. This will help keep the blood flowing. Putting your feet up when sitting is also helpful. If you develop pain in the feet or ankles, be sure to see a podiatrist. Your podiatrist can examine your feet for signs of injury and prescribe an appropriate treatment if needed.

Caring for your feet daily is an important aspect of keeping them healthy. There are many things you can do on your own, such as wearing comfortable footwear that fits properly, to take care of your feet. It is also important to see a podiatrist when you experience any pain or discomfort in your feet. To schedule a foot exam with an experienced podiatrist in McKinney or Prosper, TX, contact the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center at (972) 542-2155.