Telemedicine Appointments Available!

In the last week, our providers at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center have been implementing Telemedicine to provide care to our patients that are either unable or do not want to leave their residence.   This allows us to evaluate and consult with you from the comfort of your own home.  We are using Skype for these visits which is a free download on your phone, tablet or computer.  You can contact our office and our staff can make the appointment with you at a scheduled time just like we would for a regular office visit.  This type of visit is not always available for each patient depending on the reason for the visit.  Patients that need X rays or special medical equipment such as walking boots, fracture shoes or casts applied will still need to be seen in the office.  Our Providers will review the reason for your visit and determine which type of visit would be best for your condition.  If you are going to be seen in the office, these visits are still being treated as no contact check in and check out for your safety.   We have continued to adjust our providers schedules to prevent waiting in the lobby and allow for social distancing. 

During these times we understand that there are uncertainties, but we want you to know that your safety is our number one priority.  We are here and we are still able to provide you with the best foot and ankle care possible. 


The Advanced Foot & Ankle Center Team