Revsional Surgery and Second Opinions

Revisional Surgery and Second Opinions

Revisional surgery is a term used to describe operating on a part of the body that has already had surgery and requires further surgery to correct.  This can sometimes be due to a complication of surgery or as a result of a bone or tendon not healing correctly.  When these types of issues occur it is not uncommon to seek a second opinion about the proper course of treatment.

The most commonly asked question in these cases is “did my doctor do something wrong?”.  In many cases the answer is “no”.  Surgical outcomes can be unpredictable and no one has the ability to see the future.  However, many problems can be avoided with proper selection of procedure and care after the procedure. 

In all cases with surgery, the body must heal itself and it’s not always very good about doing so.  In these cases there are special techniques that can be applied when performing a second operation to help the body heal better than it can do on its own.  These techniques are often applied in a first (or primary) procedure to help avoid these pitfalls.  There are many procedures known to cause a delay in healing and these techniques can help to prevent issues. 

When your doctor discusses a problem with the outcome of your procedure it is important to ask questions.  Every procedure is different but some general questions are “why did this occur” and “what can be done to fix it”.  Many patients are uneasy with the idea of a second operation on the same body part and this is very understandable.  Questions such as “will this happen again” and “what can be done to prevent the same problem from occurring” are very valid.  In this conversation it is important to have an open communication line with your doctor and having your questions answered is important and valid. 

If you feel that your questions are not being answered properly a second opinion is sometimes warranted.  People seek out a second opinion for many reasons.  In some cases it is to find out if the prior doctor made a mistake or if the new doctor can offer alternative treatment choices.  With any of these cases it is important to discuss your concerns in an open manner and have all of your questions.

If a second operation is needed, it is important to discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon.  Many times when patients and surgeons have different goals there can be difficulty in proper communication.  A surgeon may be satisfied with a result that a patient is not and vice versa.  Having the same goals and expectations is the key to a successful outcome.

All our providers are available to offer second opinions. They approach each case as unique and they apply practical skills and specialized training to achieve the desired outcome.  If you have a need for a second operation or wish to seek a second opinion prior to surgical correction, any one of our providers would be happy to discuss these with you. 

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