Persistent, Pesky Plantar Warts

If you or someone close to you has dealt with a plantar wart, you know it can be a long process to get rid of them.  We see patients in the office all the time who have tried everything under the sun and the wart stays.   There are even some warts that are so persistent that they take forever to go away with our medical grade topical treatments as well.  If this has happened to you than there is another way to try to get rid of the wart once and for all. 

At Advanced Foot and Ankle we can perform a procedure in the office which “cores” out the wart.  We then put a special type of medicine on the base of the skin where the wart was to try to prevent recurrence.  A bandage is applied and changed by the patient for several days.  This is most commonly needed in our adult patients as kids seem to respond better to topical medication.    Another benefit of this procedure is that the wart is sent to pathology to ensure the diagnosis and rule out rare forms of skin cancer that can mimic the appearance of a wart. 

Again, this procedure is performed in the office but is not for everyone due to factors such as age, location of the wart and the patient’s medical history. 

If you have a question about this procedure or any other foot/ankle issue, please call us at 972-542-2155.