Pediatric Plantar Warts

My 16-year-old daughter informed me last week that her foot has been bothering her for a few weeks.   She said that she had some bumps along the bottom of her foot that were getting larger and more painful.   Upon examination of her foot I noted three lesions that were classic plantar warts. 


I told my daughter that the best treatment would be the application of Canthacur.   The following day I took her to the office and all three lesions were treated.   She told me that her foot was tender for about one full day and that the discomfort was relieved by draining the blisters that formed.  With only one treatment all three warts were resolved. 


Since warts are caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus, most people create antibodies fairly quickly after treatment. 


My daughter now is walking pain free and wart free. 



Dr. Silvers, a board certified foot and ankle specialist, has been practicing in McKinney for over 22 years.