I was playing Basketball and now my Ankle is Swollen

Foot and ankle injuries are very common while playing basketball.  If you watch basketball then you have probably already seen an injury first hand.  The amount of strain and stress that is placed on your feet and ankles is extremely high with all the cutting, twisting, jumping and running throughout the game.   According to Dr. Christopher Witt, a foot and ankle sports medicine specialist at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center: “The most common types of injuries include sprains, fractures, ligament/tendon tears as well as achilles tendon ruptures.  Achilles ruptures are especially common in the weekend warriors who think they can still dunk and get up and down the court like they did 10 years ago”.  Dr. Witt adds, “these types of injuries almost always need surgery to repair so don’t wait around for treatment if you think you have injured the back of your ankle/leg.”  Another common basketball injury that Dr. Witt sees are fifth metatarsal fractures.  “This type of fracture occurs most commonly when you land awkwardly and twist the foot inward.  You may have landed on another players foot. Again, this injury may need to be repaired surgically so it is imperative that you see us to ensure that your not making things worse by not having appropriate, timely treatment”.   Other common injuries that Dr. Witt treats are stress fractures, plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and subungual hematomas (bruising and blood under the toenails).  

Recurrent ankle sprains and swelling can also be a problem, leading to ankle instability and that can decrease your performance. We can recommend Bracing options for prevention of this. 


The best ways to avoid injuries while playing basketball is proper warm up routines, taping and bracing the foot and ankle. Dr. Witt says, “No matter how well you try to prevent an injury from occurring there is always a chance of a freak accident like landing on another players foot, diving for a loose ball or slipping on a wet spot on the court.  At Advanced Foot and Ankle, we have experience dealing with these injuries and can help you get back on the court and back in the game”.   


If you have any questions about this or any other foot or ankle issues, you can contact Dr. Witt at 972-542-2155.