I have pain along the inside of my ankle and into my arch

A lot of people come into our office due to a painful condition.  One of the most common causes for pain in the lower extremity is due to inflammation along a major tendon in the lower leg called the Posterior Tibial Tendon.  This tendon courses from just below the knee, down the inside of your leg, behind your ankle and inserts into the inside/bottom of your arch. Its main function is to maintain your arch during gait.  This tendon will most likely be inflamed because of your biomechanics. If you have a flat foot, your arch collapses more than usual which will cause an abnormal strain or pull of the tendon. Eventually, the tendon will become inflamed which causes swelling and pain at the site.   As this tendon becomes weaker, your arch will become flatter which causes more pulling of the tendon. Because of this, the issue usually doesn’t go away on its own.


To diagnose you with this condition, one of our providers will obtain a thorough history and physical.  We will usually obtain X-rays to evaluate your foot structure and sometimes an MRI is needed to assess the integrity of the tendon and check for tears.   This condition usually responds well to conservative treatment options but sometimes the problem is advanced, and the tendon needs surgery to heal. These decisions are based on our exam findings, test outcomes, treatment goals and patient’s activity level.


At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, our providers treat this condition nearly every day and have the experience needed to get your back on your feet as quick as possible.

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Have a great day,

Dr. Witt