I Have A Lump On My Foot
June 08, 2020
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There can be many causes for a lump or spot on your foot.

Your Podiatrist will assess shape, fluctuance(possibly fluid filled), size, growth rate, if the skin is freely movable over it or what layer of the tissue the mass is in. Your Podiatrist will likely perform an xray to see if there is something underneath it or to see if there is any boney involvement. Is it painful and did you have any injuries? Is it flat or raised? Does it have any satelite lesions?  Have you or your family members ever had anything like this in the past. All of these will help determine the cause. 

Treatment of course varies depending on the cause, area of the foot and pain level. Treatment can include padding or offloading and shoe gear change, topical treatments and medications, aspiration, injectable medications, or in some cases surgical resection or even referral to oncology. 

Its best to seek treatment early, the longer a condition is present usually means the harder it is to treat. 

Common Causes for Lumps or Spots on Feet: 


-Ganglion Cyst 

-Plantar Wart

-Tailor's Bunion

-Accessory Bone

-Foreign Body



-Birth Mark

-Athletes foot


See your Podiatrist today for evaluation. 

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