Foreign Bodies in the Foot

Having a foreign body in the foot is a common problem we see in the office.  Most commonly the issue is a splinter or a piece of glass.  There are many other foreign bodies that we have removed including portions of a nail, metal wiring, sea urchin spine, portion of sea shells, animal hair and dishware as well as insulin needles.  If you think you have a foreign body, avoid “digging” at it at home because you can easily push it in further and make your condition worse.  If the foreign body is deep in your foot, it can wall itself off and form an abscess that can become infected.  When you see us in the clinic for a suspected foreign body, we will perform a thorough lower extremity physical exam.  If the foreign body is superficial, we can remove it in the clinic either with or without local anesthesia.  If there is deep or multiple foreign bodies than you may need to have a procedure at a surgery center under anesthesia to safely remove the pieces.  We will also prescribe appropriate antibiotics if needed and give you bandaging instructions.   If you are experiencing this or any other foot and/or ankle issue, please call us at 972-542-2155 to be evaluated.  We have same day and walk in appointments available.