Foot Odor Control
April 02, 2020
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If you or someone close to you suffers from foot odor you know how inconvenient and embarrassing this can be. Whether you have sweaty feet or the opposite- dry feet either of these can have a fungal component. Put your foot down against embarrassing foot odor.

It is best to treat the cause: See your podiatrist to determine if you need treatment for a fungal or bacterial condition or possibly hyperhidrosis- a condition that causes increased perspiration. Stress can increase perspiration along with hormonal changes and imbalances-menopause, pregnancy and puberty etc.

Hygiene: feet should be washed thoroughly and deliberately, and dried well daily--especially between the toes.  An antiseptic wash and possibly a soaking regimen may be prescribed to initially take control of it. Regular toe nail trimming and callus removal is important. 

Shoe care and choice: Don’t wear the same pair of shoes multiple days in a row- rotate shoe wear, which allows the shoes to really dry out, so they don’t harbor bacterial and fungal growth. Try to pick breathable shoe gear. 

Socks: You may have heard your mother tell you to wear cotton socks- let us reassure you this IS an old wives’ tale. Cotton socks although they do absorb moisture they also hold onto moisture. We recommend an acrylic sock or acrylic blend sock that will wick moisture away towards your shoe. If you have bothersome perspiration you may want to consider changing your socks more than once daily.

We recommend select products that can assist us in stomping out your foot odor.

Clean Sweep- Bactericidal, Sporicidal, Fungicidal spray for the inside of shoes.

Aarica is a roll-on product that reduces excessive perspiration and wetness.

On your TOES- recommended for children also, it treats both the foot and the shoe used every few months or so, highly effective. If you are experiencing symptoms a qualified medical professional can determine the best way to treat your foot condition. Call your podiatrist today for a comprehensive evaluation.