Foot Care for the Elderly

As we age there are hormonal changes that cause a shift in oil balance, this can cause your skin to be more dry and sensitive. Skin cells do not turnover as quickly. Bones, ligaments and tendons respond differently in how and what they repair themselves with. Sensation can change and neuropathy can sneak up on you.  Here are some tips that are good for anyone's feet but especially for seniors:

-wash your feet daily, get between the toes with a wash cloth and fingers. If you have trouble reaching your feet ask for help; you can make use of a back brush also. make sure to rinse your feet very well.

-dry your feet, pay special attention to between your toes, allow them to dry fully before donning socks and shoe

- use fresh socks daily

- use emollients to feet but NOT between your toes

-inspect your feet visually every day

-do not wear the same shoes every day- switch them to every other day so they can fully dry out

- trim nails straight across and see your Podiatrist, if you have any comorbidities or can not see or reach well do not trim your nails yourself

If you have any concerns regarding your feet please call us here at 972.542.2155


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