Diabetic Foot Wounds

Wounds on the feet and ankles can be disastrous for diabetics.  This is because diabetes can affect your skin, your sensation and your circulation.  When these three components aren’t functioning properly wounds can turn south quickly. 

For example, say that you stepped on a tack while walking barefoot at home.  Most people would immediately know that they just stepped on something sharp.  Some diabetics though have peripheral neuropathy which means they can have numbness in their feet.  These patients wouldn’t know that they stepped on anything.   This patient also has poor circulation so now that little puncture site isn’t going to heal quickly.    This patient goes about their day and week not knowing that any issues are developing because they don’t look at the bottom of their feet.  Eventually, that little hole gets deeper and deeper and infection develops.  The patient now knows something is going wrong because of either a foul odor, they see drainage on their sock, or they feel sick from the infection.  This is usually when they report to their primary care doctor, ER, urgent care or their Podiatrist.  If the infection in the foot is bad enough, it can spread through the blood stream and cause blood infection, organ failure and even death.  Heavy IV antibiotics are administered, and surgery is performed to excise the dead, infected tissue and bone.  This is why it is so important to make sure you are performing your daily foot checks at home, never walking barefoot and keeping tight control of your blood sugars. 

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, our providers have seen and treated these types of wounds and it’s our goal is to prevent these from ever occurring. 

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Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Dr. Witt