Broken Toe
August 25, 2021
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So there is nothing you can do right?..........Wrong!

Depending on what type of fracture. Some toe fractures need to be set in order to heal correctly. Some toe fractures even require surgery. As with most injuries it is best to treat them early.  If you suspect you have a toe fracture put ice on your foot and minimize the weight on it. Elevate your foot. If the toe is sticking out to the side or up please come in right away. 

Treatment often consists of:

Xrays to determine if there is a fracture and the extent and location of it.

Sometimes there is taping or buddy splinting of the affected toe to another toe.

Often we recommend wearing at least a hard soled shoe, or surgical shoe and boot.

Rest and change of activity.

Fractures typically take 6-8 weeks to heel, in the toes it can take longer. 

"If you had a fracture in your hand,you would never stuff it in a shoe and go running on it"- Dr. Melissa

If you suspect you have a toe fracture, please call us.


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