Are You Suffering from Heel Pain?
January 27, 2021
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Suffering from Heel Pain?

If you spend long hours on your feet you know just how difficult heel pain can be. The problem with heel pain is that it can be exacerbated by walking for long periods and other related factors. You can often manage some of the symptoms at home with simple remedies, but for long-lasting relief, you can depend on your podiatrist. To learn more, reach out to the professionals of the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in McKinney, TX, and Prosper, TX.

Plantar Fasciitis

A very common cause for heel pain is plantar fasciitis, a condition that affects the thick ligament that runs across the bottom of your feet. The pain is most pronounced upon waking and after periods of rest. Walking around, stretching it, can often ease the discomfort but it often returns.

The most common causes relate to the structure of your foot, primarily the arches. If the shoes you wear do not support them it can exacerbate your symptoms. So does anything that puts further strain on them, such as working on your feet for long hours on flat surfaces and obesity and overuse.

Heel Pain Treatment in McKinney, TX, and Prosper, TX

Over the counter medication can help with the inflammation. As well as applying ice, though making sure not to have it make direct contact with the skin.

Stretching exercises can provide further relief, specifically those that stretch the calf muscles.

But during this time one of the most important things you can do is rest, especially when you first encounter the condition.

But if you see no improvement and if the pain is making difficult your everyday activities, it's time to contact your podiatrist.

They can prescribe custom orthotic devices to help properly support your arches, night splints to stretch the fascia as you sleep, and possibly corticosteroid injections, but everything depends on your specific situation.

So come into the office to find out how your podiatrist can help you find relief from heel pain. Make an appointment today with the experts of Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in McKinney, TX, and Prosper, TX, by dialing (972) 542-2155.