Aetrex Footwear

The Foot Store within Advanced Foot and Ankle Center offers a full selection of Aetrex Footwear in athletic, casual and dress shoes.

Aetrex RX Runners

Running Shoes in both women’s and men’s colors are packed with advanced technology and comfort to help relieve and prevent the pain and discomfort you feel while running and walking. This shoe is completely designed with comfort in mind with lace up performance. Heel Stability starts with the shape of the sole made from Aetrex’s Q-Last as well as the Gateway external heel counter that provides rearfoot stability and extra support cradling the heel with every step to reduce stresses. Thanks to the 10mm advanced Fat Pad technology you will feel less heel pain as it provides increased shock absorption at the heel. The midsole stability plate controls foot motion to prevent overpronation. Pressure relief is achieved with the patented, removable Mozaic Performance insole, which allows you to remove gel plugs in the areas where pressure is the greatest to provide close to custom comfort. The shoe is made of breathable Aeromax mesh with a padded tongue and flat seam lining to protect your feet from rubbing and chaffing.

Aetrex Edge Runner

MensEdgeRunner2     Aetrex Edge Runner’s in men’s colors is designed for perfect fit and comfort in a lace up performance shoe.  Heel stability is starts with the Aetrex Q-Last similar in shape to the RX Runner.  This provides superior stability through each step.  The Edge Runner also comes with the Cobra support Pod to provide excellent mid-foot stability to control motion and achieve improved foot function.  The shoe is made of an Aeromax mesh upper for breathability in hot Texas weather.  Pressure relief is achieved with the patented removable Mozaic Performance insole, which allows the user to remove gel plugs in areas with increased pressure to provide an almost custom feel of the shoe bed.  The most importance feature of the Edge Runner shoe is the trademarked Aetrex Lockdown heel strap that provides optimum fit and stability in the back of the heel.  This allows the user to size the back of the shoe to their needs.

Aetrex Zoom Runner

Aetrex Zoom Runner’s in men’s colors is designed for the perfect fit and comfort for those with medium to high arches.  Foot stability and support starts with the Aetrex Z-Last bottom.  This provides superior support and cushioning in both the rearfoot and forefoot.  The mid-foot support is provided by the Web Suspension Footbridge to help allow to the foot to function in its optimal motion.  The sole contains medial flex grooves for support throughout the gait cycle and excellent traction on all types of surfaces.   The shoe features a light and breathable Aeromax mesh upper with the thick shock absorbing midsole to help relieve forefoot foot pain.



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