Hallux Varus


Hallux varus is a deformity that can occur one of two ways. The most common way of developing hallux varus is after having surgery, specifically a bunion surgery in which the deformity was over-corrected. The second way of getting hallux varus is that you were born with it.

Hallux varus occurs when the great toe is deviated medially or in the opposite direction of the 2nd digit. Hallux varus can be  a problem especially when wearing shoegear, as the great toe tends to rub against the shoe and create pain, blisters, or ulcerations. If the great toe joint is very unstable, the great toe may dislocate and cause severe pain.

Conservative treatment includes using taping or strapping to hold the hallux in a stable position as it heals. Padding can be added to the inside of the shoe to prevent rubbing and discomfort. The patient must realize that the splinting of the toe in a corrected position, must be in place at all times.

If conservative treatment fails to correct the deformity, surgery can be performed. Depending on the severity of the deformity, the surgery is tailored to what is necessary to correct the deformity. If the deformity is mild, the soft tissue structures such as ligaments, tendons and joint capsule can be repaired. If the deformity s quite severe, then bone work must be performed. Bone work can consist of performing a reverse bunion procedure, using joint implants, and even joint fusion.

The deformity can be mild, moderate or severe. The treatment is geared toward doing the least invasive amount as possible to achieve the best results.

If you have hallux varus that is congenital or as a result of a past surgical procedure, please call us for a consultation.   Dr. Eric Silvers is well-versed in revisional and reconstructive repair of surgical complications.

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