Over-the-Counter Orthotics vs. Custom Orthotics

Over the counter orthotics, commonly bought at stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart, come in different shapes, sizes, and degrees of support. They area “one size fits all” type device. Some OTC devices provide only padding support. Some devices provide rigidity and maintenance of the arch.
Overall, OTC devices do not provide half of the support and comfortability of a custom orthotic. They are good for temporary usage, but are not a device used for long term care of proper foot support.
At our office, we dispense Purestride OTC orthotics. They are by far, in my opinion, the best non-custom orthotic you can buy. They are found primarily in podiatric medical offices and are not found in retail stores as mentioned above. Since they are relatively cheap (offered for $45.00 in our office), they are a great alternative to custom orthoses for temporary use until the patient has alotted proper funds to purchase the custom orthoses.
Custom Orthoses
A custom molded foot orthotic is a custom-made three-dimensional foot brace that is inserted in your shoe to help the pain and discomfort caused by the weakness and instability and/or deformity of your foot.
Orthotics work by decreasing high-pressure areas, stabilizing foot alignment and/or cushioning the foot. They also help to stabilize your foot during the walking cycle. Orthotics will not permanently change your anatomy and will function only when you are standing or walking on them.

Orthotics commonly used to relieve symptoms of common injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas, and various foot and ankle tendon injuries, as well as helping individuals with diabetes or arthritis.

Orthotics complement other treatments such as physiotherapy, stretching, icing, and massage and at time foot and ankle surgery.

How will the orthotics feel at first?
When you first wear your orthotics, it is normal for the orthotics to feel strange; however, properly fitting orthotics should not cause any new pain, blistering or redness.
If this does occur, remove the orthotics and make an appointment with Dr. Silvers for an adjustment.
Although symptomatic relief will not occur over night, consistently wearing your orthotics for a period of time will realign your foot and allow healing to occur.

How do I take care of my orthotics?
To clean your orthotics, wash with warm water and mild soap and air dry. Do not expose them to high heat.

Are Orthotics Adjustable?
Yes, depending on the adjustment needed, it can be performed either in the office or by sending the orthotic back to the lab that fabricated the device.

Are Custom Orthotics Covered By Insurance?
Orthotic coverage does vary from insurance plan to insurance plan. Our staff will do our best to find out if orthotics are covered under your plan. Please be aware that we can only forward the coverage information to you that the insurance company gives to us. This is not a guarantee of coverage since the insurance company cannot guarantee benefits until the claim is processed.
If you are concerned if your insurance company covers custom molded foot orthotics, we urge you to call your insurance company to confirm coverage or non coverage. The billing code for custom molded foot orthotics is L3000.
Please feel free to always ask our staff if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help you and our primary concern is your complete satisfaction.

Our office uses Sole Supports as our primary custom foot orthoses.
Below is a video showing why the device works and how it is made custom to your foot.
We offer  Sole Support orthoses through our office.

Dr. Silvers of Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in McKinney and Prosper, Texas has years combined postgraduate training in foot and ankle conditions as well as custom orthoses providers.

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